First Home Buyer

First Home Buyers

We know how important your 1st home is, so we have extended our low interest rate and low fee options to first home buyers. Your experienced mortgage broker will guide you every step of the way.
A first home buyer is any person(s) that has never purchased or built a home before, that typically qualify(s) for a State Government FHOG grant to offset the GST on buying or building a home as a helping hand. See your mortgage broker and/or conveyancer for more detailed advice.
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About first home buyers mortgage

Buying a home for the first time is thrilling, but it may also be complicated because there are so many factors to consider. There’s a lot to think about, from finding the appropriate property to getting accepted for a loan, Grants, fees, and interest costs, to obtaining the keys and paying down the loan. We recommend appointing a mortgage broker you can trust & work with.

Types of first home buyer loans

Variable rate home loans

If you seek flexibility rather than a guaranteed rate, a variable mortgage rate that is generally lower & follows the market may be right for you

Fixed rate home loans

If you need set repayments up to 5 years to assist in budgeting at any given fixing opportunity

Construction loans – Fixed price building contract

In order to keep repayments as low as possible during construction, our loans only require variable rate interest only repayments for the 1st 12 months. Best to engage the services of a trusted mortgage broker for direction & safety.

Split loans

A split loan lets you make part of your fixed and the other half, variable.  Consider fixing the vacant land portion & taking a variable portion for the construction portion.


Steps to buying your first home supported by your first home owner home loan

Step 1

Set Savings Goals. It’s always good to make a plan, then simply stick to it.


What to know when you’re a First Home Buyer

Research is critical when choosing your first mortgage. Understanding home loan products, repayment to purchasing costs such as stamp duty is critical to avoid any surprises down-the-track. Below are the list of questions and answers which are common for first home buyers when it comes to mortgages.